Sunday, 24 August 2014

The guidance of nature and the seasons

Nature is a constant guide in my life that teaches me the way of the universe. Every morning I am in awe of the sun rising and every evening I am in awe of the sun setting. How does it know to do that?

Even when times are hard in my life I can feel the love of the universe beaming its light straight into my heart. I have come to the conclusion that the universe is generous and loving, consistent and kind. Full of love for me if I am quiet enough to feel, touch, see, hear and smell it. The world is a miracle just as we all are, and I love to feel the seasons guiding my life.

I adore the still and silent days of winter followed by the excitement of a bursting spring, the expanding embracing summer and then the abundant autumn dripping with universal bounty.

Let nature be your guiding teacher in all things and follow its seasons with all of your heart. Einstein used to ask the same question daily:
“Is the universe friendly?”
He concluded that it was and look at the ‘downloading’ he received from quietly reflecting on the stars.

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