Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Brand NEW Zephorium Workshops Coming Soon!

We will be running Zephorium workshops from September to facilitate therapists in using and selecting our products and to show how to recommend them to your clients. Some of our stockists are massage therapists, many are reiki masters, homeopaths, naturopaths, healers, yoga teachers and more.

We are formulating workshops for therapists in general, for massage therapists and spiritual teachers and also one for the general public to come and experience the products in all their glory. If you are interested in these let me know and we will forward more information when we have sorted out dates.

After a day spent in the aura of the sprays and oils the natural aromatherapy smells can really lift your spirits. I love making the products and they are all still hand made. At the end of a day’s production I am literally floating on air. I fall in love with the smells each time I make them. Today I have been making the yellow citrine oils and the grapefruit, lemon and lime is still wafting around my nose keeping me feeling lifted and joyful – I love knowing I am a powerful creator and so are you! I repeat the affirmation to anchor the aroma and crystal energy into my aura.

“I am abundant in everything I ask for, I receive with gratitude.”

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