Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Loving life and helping others on their path to happiness

Someone said to me the other day, “it’s all right for you, how do you know what suffering feels like?”

When you step up as a teacher people tend to project their beliefs and judgements all over you! I have worked long and hard on myself for the last 20 years changing myself from desperately anxious, ill all the time and really not sure if I wanted to be here at all, into someone who loves life. It is easy to think that life has always been that way for me and when someone is suffering it is hard for them to see that maybe my path has been pretty tough along the way too.

It’s always a matter of perspective and I no longer dwell on the past, preferring instead to see that everything I experienced both joyous and devastating has given me the tools, and skills to work with people who are in the pit of despair or anxiety. When I look back at my life I hardly recognise that sad and lonely young girl. It feels so alien to my life now and yet when I sit counselling another I can touch back to those dark days and offer a guiding light for someone else to follow.
I was so fortunate (although I think I created it with my constant enquiry) to have wonderful older and wiser people walk into my life at just the right time and offer me a hand out of the darkness and guide me gently into the light.

Now I love to reach behind me and grab the hands of those who are seeking peace from their troubled minds.

What fun it is walking this path together, is there anywhere better to be in the universe than HERE, RIGHT NOW! Thank you to all my teachers in the seen and unseen worlds for you love and patience whilst I walked towards the light.

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