Monday, 4 August 2014

Creating a Service of Loving Gratitude

There is nothing like the thrill of watching someone you have trained stepping into their power and embracing the role they were born to do. Samantha Goodchild – recent graduate of the School of Conscious Co-Creation has just taken her first funeral and huge congratulations to you Sam. It is such a big step choosing to hold that level of intensity whilst providing the family with a beautiful service to say their goodbyes in this life time. Creating sacred ceremony is such an honour and being able to do it in a format that honours the person’s beliefs and faith in his or her life is a joy. There are so many more options these days in how we say our goodbyes.

Did you know that we can now have, not only wicker coffins draped with flowers, but also cardboard coffins that have beautiful images of nature on them.

It’s important to create a service of loving gratitude and yes, it is possible to make it a joyous service of celebration. Often people come up to me after a service and say they feel happy and ask “is that normal, shouldn’t I be sad”. I suppose it depends where you think they are once they leave their body?
More and more people are asking us to help write their funerals whilst they are well, they know what they want, but more importantly they know what they don’t want!
I intend to be in a beautiful meadow, with songs, flowers and happy laughter, you won’t see my body anywhere near a crem and don’t anyone dare turn up in black!

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