Monday, 4 August 2014

Satvik Graduates Summer Gathering

We had a wonderful day with the Satvik Graduates last Saturday, an open summer gathering. It’s always such a joy to reconnect with such open hearts and no matter what year they did their training they have an instant connection with each other, having been through the same processes and personal growth.
The food (as always) worked out perfectly, which never ceases to amaze me when we all bring a dish to share. Between us, with no verbal communication, we manage to bring a well-rounded meal including puddings! Thanks to all for the contribution not just with the food but with the hugs, laughter and joy.

Although we started the school over 10 years ago it seems as though it was only a few weeks ago the first students walked through our doors. I have made some wonderful friends along the way and Yvette and I have experienced such growth by facilitating the training. Sometimes we wondered who was training who, as we learnt as much from the students as they learnt from us.

It has been joy beyond joy watching them take the energy therapy out and into the world helping so many people along the way. Now we are handing over the training to the graduates and can’t wait for their new courses to start in October. Thanks to all involved for an amazing decade….

To join our new courses starting in September visit the Satvik Training School Website here:

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