Monday, 4 August 2014

New Face Serums

Our face serums seems to be gathering quite a following. Launched quietly in April we haven’t really even got them on the website properly yet. It’s mostly been word of mouth and that is spreading like wild fire. I started to show them to friends and clients and now people are ringing up and asking where to buy them.

I am using the carrot oil (in the carnelian orange bottle) myself at the moment and have been using it for a couple of months. I have been experimenting on myself (as is my way) and am finding the results really impressive. I have been using it morning and night on my hands and face and watching the results with great interest.

I had started to get brown sun spots on my hands due to my overexposure to the sun as a kid in Hong Kong then frying in Spain for 20 years whilst visiting my dad who lived there! I was born in the days when we used to put olive oil on our skin as a suntan lotion and being fair skinned, I used to peel on a regular basis so am keen to repair the damage done.
Carrot oil is full of vitamin A and a wonderful skin repair oil. Most facial creams have an artificial chemical vitamin A formula in them, but why not use the real thing?

When we were formulating the recipe we initially made it too strong and I we ended up with a Dale Winton carrot tan! Now we have perfected it and the carnelian oil does give you a lovely slight sun kissed glow. Saves a fortune on fake tan.

Did I mention my sun spots have gone from my hands and they look younger and plumper than they have for years.

Full range of Face Serums will available to buy online soon!

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