Monday, 4 August 2014

My amazing journey into wellness with Louise Hay

Zephoriums Inspirational Women: Lousie Hay
I love the world of complementary medicine. When I started out 20 years ago, we were the odd ‘specs of light’ standing up in a culture that was not best pleased at our outspoken views on healing and health! Even asking my friends for a camomile tea would invoke peals of laughter and being teased about my “weird taste in drinks”.

Now of course everywhere you go, therapists are running workshops and training schools are sprouting up like seedlings on a sunny windowsill after a dark and hard winter. Even camomile tea is available in the most remote tea shops these days!

I love the imagination and thought that is going into all these courses and ‘bow’ before all the people busy doing their particular thing. These days there are books on everything! When I started, Louise Hay was the sole voice in a very empty mind/body/spirit section of the local book store. I am grateful beyond words for her book ‘You can heal your life’ published in 1984 which started my amazing journey into wellness and turned my life around from pain and struggle into happiness and fun.  She has sold 30 million copies and I love to think of her as a clear messenger from ‘Source’ to all of us souls who came here to make a difference.

There are many people who wake us up on our life journey and she is an amazing woman who ignited the memory within so many of us. Thanks Louise!

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