Monday, 11 August 2014

No More Stories – Lets get to the truth!

I am keen to share my learning and understanding of the Abraham Hicks teaching and my monthly ‘undoing’ days in Haslemere are gathering momentum. We have been running for the last 9 months but new people are welcome anytime. We may need to get a larger venue as it is certainly gathering momentum. We are in the lovely Georgian House Hotel in Surrey which is the sweetest venue. However we are already out growing our little room.

We have achieved great things between us all over these last few months and thrash out blocks to our manifestation and peace. So far we have covered subjects such as money, addictions and health but this month we are looking at relationships which might bring up a few ‘ouch’ revelations for a few people.

I like to get to the core of issues fast and then work round how we can do the Abraham Gridwork to resolve them fast. No point lingering on our ‘stories’ any more, how do we get out of them? By focusing on the wanted and not the unwanted but first you need to know what the unwanted is…..

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