Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Indulge your mum this Mother's Day, by treating her to one of our beautiful coloured aromatherapy products, that have been tailor picked especially with mums in mind.

Rose Quartz Crystal Body Lotion
The nurturing aroma of Rose oil, makes a lovely gift for any mum who has a lot of love in her life. This nourishing body lotion will leave the skin feeling silky and smooth. Recommended in Natural Health Magazine's March Issue.

Amethyst Perfume Rollette
Does your mum have trouble sleeping? Perhaps she is worrying to much, this small perfume rollette, scented with lavender oil, will help her drift off into peaceful sleep. Rolling the perfume onto the temple right before bed allows the mind, body and soul to soothe and relax.

Carnelian Crystal Face Serum
Late nights and early morning can make the skin become strained and dehydrated, give your mum a gift that will work with her skin to rejuvenate the cells and give the complexion a positively natural glow. Infused with carrot oil and carnelian crystals.

Citrine Crystal Aura Spray
Infuse even more JOY into your mums life with our Citrine Aura Spray, opening up the Solar Plexus Chakra to encourage creativity within her life.

with love

Zephorium Soul Tonic x

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