Friday, 5 February 2016

Is it really fear?

Someone recently asked me “what can I do when I feel fear taking me over?” I think the most important thing is to check out if it really is fear or something else. There is a feeling which we mediums call ‘The Quickening’ which is often mistaken for feelings of fear. ‘The Quickening’ can feel similar to anxiety or fear as it is a sensation that is felt in the stomach, solar plexus and heart. When your inner being or your guidance is wanting to inspire you, challenge, push or guide you, there can get a sensation that feels like anxiety or butterflies in those areas of the body. It is actually a raising of your vibration to help guide you to make a good choice that will serve you. See it as a warning sign that something is being challenged, maybe an old belief or thought or behaviour that needs to change. Pushing through this feeling and doing it anyway or ‘stepping’ up to a challenge always leads to better things.

With love

Sarah x

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