Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Crystal Infused Skin Care and Positive Vibes


    It seems we have the beauty world abuzz with our Zephorium products! Everyone is talking about crystals in beauty products being the next ‘big thing’. It’s great to be a market leader. For the last four years we have been putting our crystals into the products and watching the results with awe. Now it seems the world is cottoning onto our ideas……However because our products are potentised with homeopathy it makes them unique and special to our brand. Potentising crystals can be done in different ways but homeopathy has its own unique and very special qualities. Life is all about vibration and people who are ‘in tune’ with the vibrational world really get and support what we do. All of our senses work on vibration and it is so satisfying to watch people’s reactions when they first encounter our products. We feel really blessed to be the forerunner for such a revolutionary way of creating products that promote wellbeing, peace and positivity.

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