Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Your Spiritual Journey


         I have often been asked what do I do as a spiritual teacher? What do you teach people ask? My answer is always quite a simple one. I teach people to find what works for them…. Just like our unique and personal fingerprints, no two people share quite the same path on the spiritual journey. Our uniqueness is our spiritual fingerprint. There are similarities amongst us of course, but each person is so individual that there is not ‘a one size fits all’ spiritual path. First we need to find out our own moral compass. We do that by learning to ‘feel’ what we truly ‘feel’. Understanding our feelings is the key but for many who grew up in confusing families, our feeling guidance has got a bit lost. Once we learn to listen to, and trust our feelings and intuitions, then we can begin to discover who we are and what feels true for us. A good teacher never seeks to impose their will or beliefs, instead they encourage diversity of thought and encourage differing paths.

      Read more about my journey here.

     With love
     Sarah x

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