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The School Of Conscious Co-Creation New course begins September

1 day a month for 1 year

This training is for those dedicated to being in service through spiritual teachings and leadership.
This lays the foundation for your teaching/spiritual practice, giving you all the tools you need to become confident working with groups and to begin your teaching in the world. You end the training as a minister of philosophy. You are given full personal mentoring for the year.

At the end of the training you will be confident working in groups
You will be able to teach many different workshops
You will be a minister of philosophy
You will be able to perform sacred ceremony
You will have advanced your personal connection to source
You will understand how people think
You will have expanded your mind!
You will be free in your thinking.
You will be confident in your beliefs
You will be an open-minded spiritual guide/teacher

The training includes the following:

                The School of Conscious Co-Creation kundalini practice.
                Working the Pineal, Caduceus and DNA strands.
                Being your authentic self.
                What a spiritual teacher is and what it is not.
                How to meditate, how to teach it.
                Anxiety, adrenals and the adrenal response.
                Group dynamics and how to work it.
                Addiction and spiritual addiction, how does it impact our lives?
                Nutrition and body self-mastery.
                Universal energy and dark matter, what is it, how does it affect our lives?
                Mind control, how it works and how it runs the planet.
                Understanding and working with dark matter.
                The power of visualization and how it works.
                Thoughts, your ultimate reality.
                Space travel, where do you want to go?
                Keeping grounded and focused.
                Working and refining your personal connection to Source and psychic unfolding.
                Direct connection to Source – no more external Guru’s.
                Death is not real.
                Loss is impossible.
                Thinking beyond what we have been taught to believe as real or fixed.
                Fear as a weapon for control, how to live fearlessly.
                The gift of choice.
                Our natural psychic abilities, how to wake them up and use them fully.
                Cosmology and our place in the whole.
                Quantum physics, cutting edge information,
                Healing the collective wound.
                Education, how to think yourself free.
                Why the programmed mind is so easy to control. How people and organisations do it.
                Healing what is it, why is it hit and miss?
                How to market yourself and your courses.
                Dark night of the Soul – what is it?
                Endings and why they are so important.
                The 4 temperaments of thinking. How to recognise how your students think.
                The 4 brains: Intuition, heart, head and cosmic.
                The cycle of perpetrator, victim and fixer.
                The ego and fundamentalism.
                Guides, helpers and higher self.
                Why are we here? What is it all about?
                Denial of reality.
                The spirit world, what is it? How does it work?
                Mediumship. How to do it?
                Inspirational speaking. Public speaking.
                Creation and creativity, the essential ingredients for life.
                The web of consciousness that animates the universe.
                The uncertainty principle, how to make it certain!
                Stepping up.
                Sacred Ceremony Services how to take them
                The power of “I AM”

You will be given all the information to teach the following courses in 1, 3 or 5 day workshops plus 8 week on-going courses.

Meditation level 1, 2 and 3
Chakras level 1, 2 and 3
Overcoming anxiety
Psychic development level 1, 2 and 3
Manifestation and the Law of Attraction
Angel workshops
Silent retreats

World faiths: How we all tick!
We look at how 23 of the world’s religions have shaped us and how they can be used for mind control or for good. We distil the nuggets of truth in all the faiths to find the eternal teachings that resonate for us.

Catholic, Voodoo, New Age Spirituality, Angels, Judaism, The Kabbalah, Celebrity/Media/TV, Taoism, Yung Drung Bon (Tibet), Hinduism, A Course In Miracles. Christianity, The Essenes, Islam, Money, Zoroastrianism (Persia, Iran), Ba’hai, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Iskon (Hare Krsna) Paganism and Shamanism.

What we expect from you:
You are well on your spiritual journey
You are able to apply yourself to the teaching
You wish to be in service to the world
You are able to work on your own with guidance
You have the commitment to apply yourself to the teachings
You have the willingness to open your mind

Cost of the training: including personal mentoring for the year:

Places limited to 4-6 students for personal attention.

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