Saturday, 20 September 2014

Inspirational Women - Anne Yarwood

So many people come and go in our lives but there are those that remain permanently seated in our hearts. I am blessed beyond words to have met Anne Yarwood 20 years ago when I was on my knees. She picked me up, dusted me down and set me forth on my spiritual journey with great love, compassion and kindly sternness!

A powerful campaigner of justice throughout her life she honed her skills as a counsellor with years of experience in understanding how people tick. Now in her 80’s she is still fighting for justice where she sees an imbalance of power. Always busy plotting and setting forth campaigns to help change the world.

Anne has always encouraged me and listens with the biggest open heart imaginable. She is a beautiful woman and I love her combination of gentle strength and powerful ‘NO’. She has opened her house for 40 years to seekers of truth and Anne along with her husband David, are two people who live the truth like shinning beacons of light.

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