Monday, 22 September 2014

Peace is abundant

It is easy to think the world is a fearful place. If you watch the news or get wrapped up in others stories of the world it is easy to get drawn into the world of drama and fear. I never listen to the news, I would rather spend my time carving out the world I do want and I know in order to do that I have to focus on a world that is of my making and not believe in a world according to another person’s belief.

I believe the world is a kind, safe, fun, abundant environment in which to thrive and that is my daily focus. We are in a universe of Like Attracting Like and so we do get that which we focus on. The world is filled with wonderful people doing the very best they can everyday of their lives. I refuse to have my world disrupted by a handful of people bent on hatred and war.

If everyone began to focus on creating their own world of peace and took their minds off the world leaders, the most wonderful thing would happen, the leaders would sound the call for war and NOBODY WOULD TURN UP!

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