Sunday, 14 September 2014

Did you know the best way to cleanse your face is with oil?

Many people don’t realize that the most natural way to cleanse the face is with oil! It helps maintain the skins lubrication, dissolves impurities in the pores and feeds the skin with antioxidants which help prevent wrinkles….

Here is what to do

Pour a little oil onto your fingers and gently smooth the oil over your face. Massage gently allowing the oil to soften the impurities. Spend more time on areas that suffer with blackheads or spots. Run a facecloth under a hot tap and then wring it out. Put over your face until it cools. This opens the pores slightly. When cool wipe off the excess oil and impurities. Now run the facecloth under a cold tap and wring it out. Place this over your face to tighten the pores….. Glorious glowing skin. Don’t forget to wash your facecloth regularly.

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