Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Not being swayed by others opinions

People pleasing is such a painful sport! Having spent at least half of my life doing it, I became expert about worrying what others thought of me. These days I don’t give a hoot! What you think and say about me really is none of my business. It is the most liberating practice that we can do – letting go of other people’s opinions about us.

Co-dependency is an addictive process, where other people’s opinions, values and thoughts take over our minds and become more important than what we think…… it is usually a pattern of behaviour learnt at a young age from parents with addiction issues of various kinds, but it can be triggered by other fearful experiences too.  In a world that feels dangerous or unsafe to us as children, in order to survive, we mould ourselves to how others would like us to be in order to please them.

It has taken me years to learn to let go of that belief, when you first start to take back your power it can feel frightening and unsafe. Given practice, and trust me the universe will give you practice, you can become liberated from other peoples expectation of you..

These days I don’t care about others opinions and I feel totally liberated!

“The opinion which other people have of you
Is their problem not yours.”
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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