Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Our review of the wonderful The Rise, The Fall And The Rise by Brix Smith Start, plus win a copy!

I have known Brix for many years now and watched her attending my workshops and working really hard on her own ‘stuff’ to clear away the years of trauma. She has emerged into a beautiful and wonderful psychic medium and this has enabled her to write a book about her journey in a loving and clear way. Devoid of judgement or blame she tells her story with unparalleled honesty, and boy what a journey she has had….From famous band The Fall, her marriage to Nigel Kennedy, to Clothes Guru with Gok Wan and back to her band, she has had a seriously wild ride! I loved this book, it’s so rare to read a story of a life that comes from resolution and not anger or resentment. I highly recommend you buy this and read it!! Brilliant well done Brix

To win a copy just answer the simple question below and email it back to us. (info@zephorium.com)

Where is the best Frankincense from in the world?

(hint: the answer can be found on our previous blog post!)

We will pull the winner out of a hat on 15
th June 2015

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