Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How Frankincense is emerging as the new 'wonder oil'

I have always loved Frankincense, it is the main ingredient in our Indigo products along with patchouli oil. I have sourced the best oil from Oman which was used 9000 years ago for healing and burnt for its curative and cleansing qualities. I love its uplifting yet woody earthy scent and the way it lifts the brain chemistry into exulted states of contemplation. More and more research is emerging about this wonderful oil and the benefits it has to humans (and animals). I always wondered why, according to the bible, Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold were given to Mary at the birth of Jesus, but it seems these ancient people new a thing or two about healing! Science tells us it has 17 active ingredients that our bodies love.

Frankincense is emerging as a ‘wonder’ oil and is being used not only as an aid to spiritual attainment by religious and spiritual seekers, but is also being shown to heal diseases including brain tumours. I was always taught that aromatherapy needs to be diluted and used sparingly but new research is changing this, and one drop  taken on the tongue has many positive health benefits (always consult a trained aromatherapist first). Not only does it work well for stress and anxiety but it is also antiseptic, immune boosting, anti-aging, eliminates coughs, stops cancer spreading and is great for digestion. Ladies, it’s great for Uterine and breast health so rubbing directly on belly, breasts and neck area is great for your overall health…..

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