Friday, 18 March 2016

Time for a Spring detox!

Time for a spring detox! As we begin to move towards the spring equinox I always being to be inspired to cleanse my body from winter warmers into spring refreshers. Springtime is the season the liver responds to best in Chinese medicine. I think if you just don’t push it, about this time we all naturally feel inspired to be going more for the greens and less of the stodge. January 1st and New Year’s resolutions, is way to early. At that point we are still in the grip of kidney energy and winter time. That’s why resolutions at that time of year rarely work……..When my liver is feeling a bit sluggish I feel tired and irritable, but when I acknowledge that my liver energy is needing a boost I always begin to feel refreshed and ready for the bursting forth of spring time. So my morning blend is now nuts and seeds, half an avocado, a spoonful of green powder, vitamin C powder, prunes and a big handful of spinach leaves. Yum!

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