Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bringing our furry friends to the office!

I am learning so much from Bertie our terrier cross puppy. He is such an inspiration and teacher to me. Whilst my cat teaches me about relaxation and chilling out, Bertie is currently teaching me to play more. I can be quite a serious person, thinking about the universe and all that it contains. Bertie doesn’t care about all that, he just wants to have fun! If I forget to have fun and am spending too long at my desk, a little wet nose and hairy face appears on my leg saying come and play. How can I resist the invitation? Desk abandoned, I play catch and tag on the floor until we curl up for a hug. Stress gone I return to work, light hearted with a big smile on my face.

Meet the other members of Zephorium's furry friends.

Misty, Harley, Alfie and Lulu the Dachshund.

With love 
Sarah x

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  1. Wonderful to read and to see! Lots of love to all the team - two legged and four alike! :-) x