Thursday, 22 September 2016

Therapist Spotlight: September Edition

My name is Jakki Hesse and I have been studying and working in the field of massage and alternative therapies for over 10 years. I am based at Amethyst Osteopathic & Complimentary Therapies Clinic in Selsdon and I am registered with the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists.
I started on my path of alternative therapies in early 2002 when my marriage was breaking down and it was leading me to re evaluate what I was doing with my life. I started to look at myself and the lifestyle I was leading and it lead me to the wonderful joyful journey I am still taking today, with new experiences and new learnings that continue to help me grow and blossom.My training started with Usui Reiki and I discovered that, as well as self healing this could be used to help facilitate healing in others. 
In 2015 I trained in a different Reiki called “Shambala” which has bought a wonderful new energy to my work and this quickly lead me to advance in my massage therapy. I specialise in seeing the person as a “whole” and I became interested in fascia because the whole body is connected through it. I trained in Fascial Unwinding and energy awareness as it compliments what I already do. I now specialise in light touch therapy to help with Scars, this is amazing work developed by "Sharon Wheeler" in America and there are a growing number of therapists trained in this work.
I use Zephorium products personally and within my work, all my massages are using Zephorium oils and clients comment on the wonderful smells, I look at my clients as they come through the door and intuitively decide which colour I will use, I normally ask them to then choose a colour from the oils that are out and more often than not they choose  the same colour I intuitively chose for them.
I use the sprays along with the massage oils and if people are coming for a reiki session I will use the aura sprays to help move blockages and then ground people at the end of the session.
I also use with scar clients at the end of a session either the green or pink oil and have the intention of putting love into the scar and I have found that this really helps with the healing process.
I believe in empowerment , building a persons strengths and reminding my clients, when they are unable to remember themselves, that they are “imperfectly perfect” because society states we should be better than, slimmer than, richer than other but I want to help people just “BE” and the Zephorium ethos fits with my beliefs perfectly. 
In my spare time I spend time with my partner and my fur baby Bonzo taking him for long walks and travelling in our motor home called Betsy.

To book an appointment with Jakki:
Jakki Hesse Massage Practitioner and Therapies
Amethyst Osteopathic Clinic
266  Addington Road
South Croydon


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