Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Keeping your body as flexible as you can and growing old youthfully

30 years ago when I first went to see a chiropractor with a bad back she said to me: whatever else you do or don’t do, keep your body a flexible as you can. She explained that as we age we can tighten and all our ligaments and muscles become rigid and inflexible, then everything can snap easily and tripping up a curb can cause a broken hip. So I do my best with my Yoga and old ballet exercises to keep my body long and stretched. Not easy to do when there are so many other demands on my time these days, but an essential part of my maintenance package. I have every intention of growing older as youthfully as I can. My Great Aunts Bobby and Billie grew up in the roaring 1920’s doing the Charleston, and both maintained excellent health and vitality into their nineties by doing a daily yoga practice. It was not uncommon to walk into my Aunt Bobby’s house and find her standing on her head well into her late eighties. What an inspiration they both were to me.

With love
Sarah x

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