Monday, 24 November 2014

Therapist Spotlight – Fertility Massage

Each month we are going to spotlight one of our lovely therapists who are using Zephorium products. We are meeting such fabulous people, all doing such glorious therapies, that we want to start sharing their amazing abilities with you all. You may be inspired to book a session with them. This month we are delighted to bring you Clare who we met at Cam expo.

Hello, I'm Clare Blake, the founder of Fertility Massage Therapy & Training.

Fertility Massage Therapy is a unique and specialised treatment that combines many traditional bodywork and healing techniques alongside intuition and feminine wisdom. The physical focus is on bringing alignment to the abdominal organs, in particular the womb, but also increasing circulation to the digestive & reproductive organs to enable a nutrient & hormone rich supply of blood to flow freely to the womb to assist conception. Although the name implies it is for conception, a "Fertile Womb" is important for all women, regardless of whether they have a physical womb or not. A fertile womb is one that is healthy both physically and emotionally; so that a woman can cycle, create and be centred.

In one to one sessions; many emotions arise or I can sense which Chakra's require cleansing and healing. My intuition will guide me as to which of the beautiful Zephorium sprays are required to help support and nurture my client through that session.  I use the sprays in a teaching setting too, and they have made the world of difference, in particular when students are receiving their Womb Blessing; I am sure these sprays sing out to me! My students love using them throughout the course, and on each other through practical sessions. They not only look great on our Womb Altar, but they support the blossoming and journeys of each student on my course.
m: 07713 477511

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