Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Happy in beauty...

Painting from mediation is one of the most liberating forms of creative arts there is. We had a wonderful day on Saturday as part of the Aspen Festival in Ascot closing our eyes and letting the paper, brushes, inks, pastels, pens and fingers speak to us and create on paper.
Once we knock out the ego mind and cut out judgment and criticism of what we are doing, our bodies can be free to paint as children do, with wonder, joy, abundance and fun. Many students I teach art to, have been told at some time that they can't draw or paint and have never picked up another art material since the day they left school. It is so liberating to paint without limits
and we all had fun getting stuck in with getting our hands dirty. There is something magical about spreading paint across paper with your fingers, not worrying about being tidy, or right, or perfect.
I love imperfection and experimentation in art, children really have it sorted! Paint for the fun of painting and never judge the end result. As with all things it's the fun of the ride and the journey not the end result.

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