Thursday, 16 November 2017

THERAPIST SPOTLIGHT - Karina - Yoga Bristol

My name is Karina and I am a teen and children’s yoga teacher based in Bristol. Previously a Geography teacher, I decided to launch a business combining two of my passions: teaching young people and yoga. My own practice has been hugely enhanced through Zephorium products, so I decided to begin using them in my classes with teenage girls. The spray is a total game-changer. I can say goodbye to the aromas produced by a whole day of P.E lessons in the sports hall, and now the girls walk in and comment on how amazing it smells. A nurturing, safe and inviting space has been created, and so the girls are able to put themselves in the mindset of self-care.

Zephorium- I can’t thank you enough. Those ten minutes of stillness and calm is truly life-changing during a time in their lives where speed of change is amazing, but also overwhelming.
 The biggest impact, however, has been through using the oils at the end of the class during meditation. The girls sit cross-legged with their wrists open on their knees and begin to meditate. I walk around and apply an oil of their choice to their wrists. They then bring their hands in prayer to the space between the brows and continue to breath deeply, taking in the scent.

This has not only become their favourite part of the class that they actively tell me they look forward to (fondly nicknamed ‘smelly time’), but a group of girls that walked in giggly and fidgety can take themselves to a place of stillness and internal awareness that astounds me. Zephorium enables this deepening to quietness, mindfulness and relaxation. Suddenly nobody looks at anyone else, giggles at anyone else or even cares about anyone else. Girls have noted:

“I sleep better after your yoga classes.” “If you ask me to be still and relax I can never do it but at the end of the yoga class it’s easy.” 

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