Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Therapist Spotlight: Kristina Botterill from Pamper Pod

My name is Kristina Botterill, and I was delighted when Lauren invited me to contribute to the Zephorium newsletter to talk about how I use Zephorium products in my practice.

I am mum to 3 gorgeous children a supportive husband and an excitable chocolate Labrador puppy called Minty. My business is called The Pamper Pod. I am based in Preston Park in Brighton and I have built up a loyal following of regular clients over the past 5 years. I specialize in reflexology, foot reading, organic facials and massage. I hold talks, workshops and foot reading parties for small groups in their own homes. It is always a privilege when you are offered a pair of feet to work with. When you hold someone’s feet, you are holding the whole person. The feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body. I have trained with 2 leading names in the foot reading world – Jane Sheehan and Sue Ricks. They both have written books on the subject which I highly recommend.

I am co-founder of an organisation called “Branch” which brings wellbeing practitioners together from across Sussex, We hold regular meetings in Brighton to share ideas, support each other, learn from industry experts and increase our profiles within the health and wellbeing sector. As well as Zephorium, I also work with Neal’s yard remedies and have a large team of independent consultants based all over the country. My work has changed over the last 12 months, with more focus being placed on my gentle touch reflexology technique and foot reading in particular. As a foot reader I have an insight in the emotional health of my clients, as a reflexologist I pick up clues as to their physical health. Combining the 2 techniques gives me a much broader picture of how that person is actually feeling.

I discovered Zephorium products fairly recently at the Professional Beauty show this February. I love the oils and use the Ruby Crystal oil with ylang ylang during a foot massage or reflexology session. With “gentle touch reflexology” the techniques are very conducive to relaxation, so I use the oils to ground my clients and stop them from drifting too far off into another realm! I use the aura sprays in the treatment room after a massage, facial or reiki sessions. Using the gorgeous aromas to help awaken my clients and to clear the energy in the room. I also use the body oils for massage and they have been very well received by my clients.

I have sold aura sprays for a number of different uses – The amethyst spray for a mum to give to her daughter who was struggling with exam stress. The aquamarine spray for a facilitator to help her deliver an effective workshop and the lapis lazuli spray to heal old emotional wounds. The sprays were featured in the Brighton festival this May as part of the open house season and it was great fun showing them to a new audience of artists and bohemians!

I use the sprays myself every day to prepare for a client’s arrival, and to set my intention for the day ahead. I use them on the kids, my friends and even the dog! I recently sprayed the chemotherapy unit at The Royal Sussex, there is nowhere I wouldn’t use these lovely aura sprays.

If you would like to know more about the treatments I offer or to book a workshop or foot reading party or to connect with Branch please visit my website at Or find us on facebook at The Pamper Pod or find me at  Kris Botterill
01273 561548 / 07949461329

If you would like your practice featured in our newsletter, please send in your little blog to us sharing how you use our products in your work.

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